OP-ED: JANVEST Managing Partner Relocating to Atlanta

gsg-10Over the last decade I’ve had the privilege to call a number of amazing cities home — Tel Aviv, Philadelphia, and most recently, Chicago. Throughout my time in these places I’ve encountered some of the most fantastic people, amongst them, my wife, Liz, but also a variety of interesting folks doing very interesting things. While these semi-frequent moves have seemed to some like a restless nomadic wandering, they have been, for the most part, a dedicated and strategic effort to establish and grow the company I co-founded, JANVEST Capital Partners, into the premier Israel-focused technology investment firm.

In Tel Aviv, I spent five years assessing Israel’s technology market to understand where the most dynamic innovation investment opportunities exist and how foreign investors could capitalize. In Philadelphia, I established JANVEST’s first U.S. office, worked side-by-side with my American business partner Daniel Frankenstein to raise our first fund, and market our company as a channel through which investors could finally diversify comfortably within Israel’s pre-IPO high-tech industry. And, in Chicago, the last three years has been spent strengthening JANVEST’s brand in the market, cementing our place as exceptional investors and industry experts, and assisting our portfolio companies with their expansion into North America.

Now, the time has come to plant some roots and return home to Atlanta where my wife and I can continue our work, contribute to the community, and spend more time with our families. The last few years of moving around has provided immense perspective, unforgettable memories, and the motivation to continue the good work we are doing at JANVEST Capital.

I look forward to sharing positive updates in the coming year and appreciate the friendship, support, and advice from so many of you.

Warm regards,

Brian Rosenzweig

Managing Partner



JANVEST Invests in Israeli Facial Biometric Start-Up, IsItYou

ISITYOU (final) (2)JANVEST Capital Partners is pleased to announce the execution of a new investment in Israel-based information security start-up, IsItYou. IsItYou has developed a unique facial biometric authentication solution designed specifically for the world of mobile commerce, payments, banking, and social media. Through the company’s patented camera lens manipulation technology, IsItYou is bringing Effective Face Recognition to an array of industries where access and identity management is a growing concern that comes with increasing costs and downtime.

While facial biometrics have been in the market for a while, IsItYou is addressing some of the biggest challenges in this market that have prevented such technology from becoming mainstream:

  1. IsItYou’s facial recognition solution is able to automatically adapt to a person’s changing features – aging, facial hair, weight loss, etc.
  2. IsItYou’s technology works everywhere, every time – in near absolute darkness or blinding bright light, from different camera angles, and with intentional and unintentional face manipulation.
  3. IsItYou’s platform requires almost no ‘training’ or adaptation period for it to learn how to recognize an authorized user of a mobile device.
  4. IsItYou has developed a number of parameters by which it’s technology assesses an individual’s face. Given the sheer number of these parameters in use, the company is able to prevent deception or ‘spoofing’ with 100% accuracy.

A few use cases for IsItYou’s technology include:

  • Eliminating the need for passwords on mobile devices or mobile applications
  • Customer verification for banks, customer service call centers, ATM machines, and Cloud services
  • Workstation login management

For more information, please contact Brian Rosenzweig at Brian@JANVEST.com.

JANVEST Invests in Israeli IoT Start-Up, Atomation

Atomation.chosen.logo-01 (2)JANVEST Capital Partners has added Tel Aviv-based IoT start-up, Atomation, to its portfolio of emerging Israeli businesses. Atomation is a rising star in Israel’s fast growing IoT market with a unique connectivity platform allowing for device and equipment manufacturers to take previously unconnected products and turn them into ‘smart objects’. With such connectivity, companies distributing or deploying Atomation-enabled products will have the ability to interact with those products, monitor their functionality, and make real-time business decisions based on corresponding big data analytics.

Atomation’s IoT platform has multi-vertical global applications; however, the company will be focusing on the Agriculture, Medical, Utilities, and Logistics markets initially.

The team will be using this round of funding to begin fully commercializing their technology both in Israel and abroad.

For more information, email Brian Rosenzweig at Brian@JANVEST.com


JANVEST Portfolio Company, CRONUS, Raises $1.5MM for Continued Expansion

Cronus LogoHaifa-based cyber security company, Cronus, has recently completed a $1.5MM round of funding financed by a number of private European investors. This round of funding will be used by Cronus to complete the development of the company’s Automated Penetration Testing platform and allow for full scale commercialization. Cronus’s patented artificial hacking tool imitates operational patterns and intrusion methods of human hackers to identify security gaps and network vulnerabilities. With a continuous (24/7) and automated system, Cronus is able to provide organizations with a sophisticated and friction-less way of identifying, in real-time, critical, complex, and hard to find susceptibilities with actionable insights and steps on how to mitigate the risk. Some of Cronus’s design partners include Mellanox Technologies (NASDAQ: MLNX) and The First International Bank of Israel (TLV: FIBI).

Cronus is managed by CEO and Co-Founder, Doron Sivan, a veteran of and thought-leader in the penetration testing market, as well as CTO and Co-Founder, Matan Aguzi, an expert hacker and developer of cyber attack identification tools.

Joining JANVEST on the company’s Board of Directors is Major General (ret.) Eitan ben Eliyahu, former Commander of the Israeli Air Force (IAF).

JANVEST was the lead investor in Cronus’s seed round a year ago and remains deeply involved in the company.


Israeli Cyber Security in the Valley – Our Perspective

hot-sessions-at-rsa-2015-showcase_image-10-p-1846This past week, more than 30,000 cyber and information security executives, entrepreneurs, and investors from around the world descended upon San Francisco for the RSA Security Conference. Over the last decade, the RSA conference has become the central meeting point for the cyber security industry’s top innovators – a place where leading corporations can tap into cutting edge solutions being developed by emerging businesses, which, through either partnership or acquisition, will become the next generation of security products and services. At the same time as the RSA conference has risen in prominence, so too has Israel’s cyber security industry. It is estimated that the 250+ cyber companies in Israel account for approximately 10% of the global $100 billion a year information security market. Israeli companies like CheckPoint (NASDAQ: CHKP) and CyberArk (NASDAQ: CYBR) have become household names, while fast paced start-ups like BioCatch, Adallom, Hybrid Security, LightCyber, SkyCure, Cybereason and others have been earmarked by the Microsoft’s and Google’s of the world as ‘innovation to watch’.

At this year’s RSA conference, JANVEST Managing Partner, Brian Rosenzweig, accompanied the firm’s two attending portfolio companies, BioCatch and Hybrid Security, as they highlighted their innovation at the Israeli cyber security showcase, as well as at the Israel Pavilion sponsored by Israel’s Economic Mission to the U.S. While there were no shortage of security start-ups to visit at the conference, it became clear from multiple conversations with industry leading security companies that Israeli solutions were some of, if not the most highly sought after in the market. Veterans from the Israeli military’s elite cyber warfare and intelligence gathering units stood next to their start-up booths at RSA being courted by representatives from companies like Sony, Citi, Verizon, and others. As the lines at each Israeli booth started to grow, so too were executives en masse approaching the Israeli pavilion asking for specific start-ups and entrepreneurs by name. At one point, the Director of Cyber Security for one of the largest insurance companies in the U.S. asked whether there was still an investment round for one of the Israeli start-ups in which he could individually invest.

After a few days at the conference, sitting in on meetings between our portfolio companies and Fortune 500 security executives, it became very clear that Israel’s cyber security industry was seen as premium and producing best-in-class technologies that could not be found elsewhere.

JANVEST is proud of our cyber portfolio companies for their work at RSA and we commend all of the other Israeli security start-ups for their hard work and dedication to make Israel the go-to destination for information security innovation.




CFOs of Bank Leumi and Partner Communications Join JANVEST’s Advisory Board

JANVEST Logo BigJANVEST is pleased to welcome Mr. Ron Fainaro and Mr. Ziv Leitman to its Israel-based Advisory Board.

Mr. Fainaro is the Chief Financial Officer at Bank Leumi (TASE: LUMI). Previously, he served as the CFO of Ectel, Ltd (acquired by CVidya), the CEO of Africa Israel Investments, Ltd., CFO and VP of Finance at Tecnomatix Technologies, and CFO of Wave Access, Ltd. (acquired by Lucent Technologies). Mr. Fainaro is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a B.A. in Accounting from Tel Aviv University and a B.Sc in Physics and Materials Engineering from the Technion Institute of Technology.

Mr. Leitman is the CFO of Partner Communications Company, Ltd (Nasdaq: PTNR). His prior roles include Deputy CEO and CFO at Paz Oil Company, Ltd., CFO and Executive Vice President of Comverse, Inc., and Executive Vice President and CFO of Discount Investment Corporation, Ltd. Mr. Leitman is a member of the Israel Institute of Certified Public Accountants and holds a B.A. in Economics and Accounting, as well as an MBA in Finance and Information Systems from Tel Aviv University.

Both Mr. Fainaro and Mr. Leitman will be working with JANVEST to increase its on the ground capabilities in Israel, as well as to help bridge the gap between the country’s emerging technology sector and its more established industries.

For more information, please contact Brian Rosenzweig at Brian@JANVEST.com

JANVEST Adds Coralogix and BackAnd to its Israel-Based Portfolio

Coralogix LogoCoralogix is a seed stage company based outside of Tel Aviv, which has developed a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform bringing automation, crowd sourcing technology, preventative monitoring, and immediate resolution to the fast growing log management market. Unlike other solutions in the DevOps (Development Operations) market, Coralogix does not monitor databases for content, which cuts out the intrusive components associated with most competing products. Through Coralogix, software developers can significantly improve the quality of their new products while ensuring pre-existing products operate problem free, and in turn, provide tremendous cost savings to companies in their maintenance, support, and customer care operations.

Backand-logoBackAnd is also a seed stage Tel Aviv-based start-up, which has developed a Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) solution for one of the most popular and fast growing web application development languages – Google-maintained, Angular JS. The main issue for Angular users is that it is a front-end language and requires the developer to spend countless hours and valuable resources provisioning huge databases in order to make the application operate. By providing a fully automated back-end solution for Angular developers, BackAnd is making it incredibly easy to build and run applications, thus drastically reducing time to market. In addition, BackAnd maintains a comprehensive security and authentication infrastructure that continuously monitors and logs activity reports to ensure maximum protection of customers and their digital assets.

For more information, contact Brian@JANVEST.com

AIPAC, BLC, and Leadel Budapest to Host JANVEST as Speakers

Throughout the months of February and March, JANVEST Managing Partners, Brian Rosenzweig and Daniel Frankenstein, will be featured speakers at a number of events where they will be speaking about their experience as venture investors in Israel’s emerging technology market. If you missed us at January’s JNF’s Lawyers for Israel in Baltimore or at the Jewish Federation showcase of JANVEST’s portfolio innovation in Atlanta, come join in these upcoming events.



FLY serves as a focal point for Technology Leaders, Social Entrepreneurs, Business Professionals, Senior Executives, Investors, and Industry Experts from across the globe. With a special emphasis on Israeli innovation, guests will have the opportunity to connect with investors, expert mentors, and accomplished fellow professionals, while showcasing initiatives of their own in front of potential funders and partners. Read More



Join JANVEST’s Managing Partner Daniel Frankenstein as he moderates a Panel Discussion on how Israel’s ‘Silicon Wadi’ delivers for Silicon Valley.  Daniel will be joined by Kirsten Wolberg, VP of Technology Business Operations from Paypal, Kira Makagon, EVP of Innovation at RingCentral, and Shuli Galili, Partner at UpWest Labs. Read More



JANVEST’s Managing Partner Daniel Frankenstein will be a featured panelist at the upcoming AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington DC at Sessions on both Sunday March 1 and Monday March 2.  The session is titled Israel as an Entrepreneurial Oasis.  We encourage those attending the conference to register for one of the two panel discussions. Read More

For more information, email Brian Rosenzweig at Brian@JANVEST.com

JANVEST Invests in Israel-Based Mobile Payments Innovator, DOVe Voice Technologies Ltd

unnamedDOVe Ltd is a seed stage start-up that has developed a patented software technology, which supports the transmission of data over any kind of voice network. By integrating sound and data, DOVe is enabling any audio equipped devices with the ability to send and receive data to one another without any contact, connection, or compatibility issues. Through the usage of inaudible data-integrated ultrasonic sound, mobile phones, computers, Bluetooth accessories, tablets, vending machines, and next generation cash registers can transmit and receive information to and from one another without any additional hardware requirements. Additionally, the unique security and authentication capabilities available through this Data Over Voice transmission, which the company has also patented, makes the technology tremendously valuable within the fast growing mobile payments market and at physical Points of Sale (POS). In an effort to provide a ‘Zero Footprint’ solution for mobile devices, DOVe does not require any sensitive billing or payment information to be stored on the device itself, thus significantly reducing concerns surrounding mobile device theft.

Worth noting is that DOVe has recently been accepted into Coca-Cola’s commercialization program out of  Atlanta, Georgia called, The Bridge. This initiative is designed to provide Coca-Cola with access to cutting edge Israeli technologies related to Consumer Engagement, Consumer Retail, Supply Chain, Marketing Innovation, and Health/Wellness.  For more information on The Bridge, please click here.

If you’d like to know more about DOVe or JANVEST, please email Brian@JANVEST.com.

JANVEST Invests in Haifa-Based Cyber Security Start-Up Cronus

cronus logoCronus is a pre-seed cyber security company, which has developed a patented solution for testing network vulnerabilities within mid-size to large enterprises and organizations.

Individual and state-sponsored hackers are responsible for over 30% of global web and network security breaches, which governments and businesses alike try and prevent by identifying and closing gaps in the system. Existing penetration testing solutions are expensive, time consuming, and create new vulnerabilities, which hackers can then exploit.

Developed by some of Israel’s leading security experts, Cronus’s cutting edge software utilizes advanced Artificial Intelligence to mimic a hacker’s attempt at network penetration. Once installed, Cronus’s technology begins to automatically and continuously perform both internal and external penetration tests to assess where and to what degree there are network vulnerabilities. At the time those vulnerabilities are identified, Cronus provides actionable insights to the appropriate personnel on how to patch those exposed gateways and re-secure the system.

Ernst & Young reports that Penetration Testing (PT) makes up approximately 10% of the $67 billion a year Information Security market, which by 2018, is expected to reach $95 billion.

For more information on JANVEST or Cronus, contact Brian Rosenzweig at Brian@JANVEST.com.