JANVEST Invests in Haifa-Based Cyber Security Start-Up Cronus

cronus logoCronus is a pre-seed cyber security company, which has developed a patented solution for testing network vulnerabilities within mid-size to large enterprises and organizations.

Individual and state-sponsored hackers are responsible for over 30% of global web and network security breaches, which governments and businesses alike try and prevent by identifying and closing gaps in the system. Existing penetration testing solutions are expensive, time consuming, and create new vulnerabilities, which hackers can then exploit.

Developed by some of Israel’s leading security experts, Cronus’s cutting edge software utilizes advanced Artificial Intelligence to mimic a hacker’s attempt at network penetration. Once installed, Cronus’s technology begins to automatically and continuously perform both internal and external penetration tests to assess where and to what degree there are network vulnerabilities. At the time those vulnerabilities are identified, Cronus provides actionable insights to the appropriate personnel on how to patch those exposed gateways and re-secure the system.

Ernst & Young reports that Penetration Testing (PT) makes up approximately 10% of the $67 billion a year Information Security market, which by 2018, is expected to reach $95 billion.

For more information on JANVEST or Cronus, contact Brian Rosenzweig at Brian@JANVEST.com.



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