JANVEST Invests in Israel-Based Mobile Payments Innovator, DOVe Voice Technologies Ltd

unnamedDOVe Ltd is a seed stage start-up that has developed a patented software technology, which supports the transmission of data over any kind of voice network. By integrating sound and data, DOVe is enabling any audio equipped devices with the ability to send and receive data to one another without any contact, connection, or compatibility issues. Through the usage of inaudible data-integrated ultrasonic sound, mobile phones, computers, Bluetooth accessories, tablets, vending machines, and next generation cash registers can transmit and receive information to and from one another without any additional hardware requirements. Additionally, the unique security and authentication capabilities available through this Data Over Voice transmission, which the company has also patented, makes the technology tremendously valuable within the fast growing mobile payments market and at physical Points of Sale (POS). In an effort to provide a ‘Zero Footprint’ solution for mobile devices, DOVe does not require any sensitive billing or payment information to be stored on the device itself, thus significantly reducing concerns surrounding mobile device theft.

Worth noting is that DOVe has recently been accepted into Coca-Cola’s commercialization program out of  Atlanta, Georgia called, The Bridge. This initiative is designed to provide Coca-Cola with access to cutting edge Israeli technologies related to Consumer Engagement, Consumer Retail, Supply Chain, Marketing Innovation, and Health/Wellness.  For more information on The Bridge, please click here.

If you’d like to know more about DOVe or JANVEST, please email Brian@JANVEST.com.


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