JANVEST Adds Coralogix and BackAnd to its Israel-Based Portfolio

Coralogix LogoCoralogix is a seed stage company based outside of Tel Aviv, which has developed a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform bringing automation, crowd sourcing technology, preventative monitoring, and immediate resolution to the fast growing log management market. Unlike other solutions in the DevOps (Development Operations) market, Coralogix does not monitor databases for content, which cuts out the intrusive components associated with most competing products. Through Coralogix, software developers can significantly improve the quality of their new products while ensuring pre-existing products operate problem free, and in turn, provide tremendous cost savings to companies in their maintenance, support, and customer care operations.

Backand-logoBackAnd is also a seed stage Tel Aviv-based start-up, which has developed a Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) solution for one of the most popular and fast growing web application development languages – Google-maintained, Angular JS. The main issue for Angular users is that it is a front-end language and requires the developer to spend countless hours and valuable resources provisioning huge databases in order to make the application operate. By providing a fully automated back-end solution for Angular developers, BackAnd is making it incredibly easy to build and run applications, thus drastically reducing time to market. In addition, BackAnd maintains a comprehensive security and authentication infrastructure that continuously monitors and logs activity reports to ensure maximum protection of customers and their digital assets.

For more information, contact Brian@JANVEST.com


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