JANVEST Portfolio Company, CRONUS, Raises $1.5MM for Continued Expansion

Cronus LogoHaifa-based cyber security company, Cronus, has recently completed a $1.5MM round of funding financed by a number of private European investors. This round of funding will be used by Cronus to complete the development of the company’s Automated Penetration Testing platform and allow for full scale commercialization. Cronus’s patented artificial hacking tool imitates operational patterns and intrusion methods of human hackers to identify security gaps and network vulnerabilities. With a continuous (24/7) and automated system, Cronus is able to provide organizations with a sophisticated and friction-less way of identifying, in real-time, critical, complex, and hard to find susceptibilities with actionable insights and steps on how to mitigate the risk. Some of Cronus’s design partners include Mellanox Technologies (NASDAQ: MLNX) and The First International Bank of Israel (TLV: FIBI).

Cronus is managed by CEO and Co-Founder, Doron Sivan, a veteran of and thought-leader in the penetration testing market, as well as CTO and Co-Founder, Matan Aguzi, an expert hacker and developer of cyber attack identification tools.

Joining JANVEST on the company’s Board of Directors is Major General (ret.) Eitan ben Eliyahu, former Commander of the Israeli Air Force (IAF).

JANVEST was the lead investor in Cronus’s seed round a year ago and remains deeply involved in the company.



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