JANVEST Invests in Israeli Facial Biometric Start-Up, IsItYou

ISITYOU (final) (2)JANVEST Capital Partners is pleased to announce the execution of a new investment in Israel-based information security start-up, IsItYou. IsItYou has developed a unique facial biometric authentication solution designed specifically for the world of mobile commerce, payments, banking, and social media. Through the company’s patented camera lens manipulation technology, IsItYou is bringing Effective Face Recognition to an array of industries where access and identity management is a growing concern that comes with increasing costs and downtime.

While facial biometrics have been in the market for a while, IsItYou is addressing some of the biggest challenges in this market that have prevented such technology from becoming mainstream:

  1. IsItYou’s facial recognition solution is able to automatically adapt to a person’s changing features – aging, facial hair, weight loss, etc.
  2. IsItYou’s technology works everywhere, every time – in near absolute darkness or blinding bright light, from different camera angles, and with intentional and unintentional face manipulation.
  3. IsItYou’s platform requires almost no ‘training’ or adaptation period for it to learn how to recognize an authorized user of a mobile device.
  4. IsItYou has developed a number of parameters by which it’s technology assesses an individual’s face. Given the sheer number of these parameters in use, the company is able to prevent deception or ‘spoofing’ with 100% accuracy.

A few use cases for IsItYou’s technology include:

  • Eliminating the need for passwords on mobile devices or mobile applications
  • Customer verification for banks, customer service call centers, ATM machines, and Cloud services
  • Workstation login management

For more information, please contact Brian Rosenzweig at Brian@JANVEST.com.


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